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Feature of this area are the 'tacchi', rocky and calcareous outcrops, with bare and steep walls but with tops covered with a thick vegetation, teeming with oleasters, cork-oars, yews and few chestnuts that survived an epidemic. The most staggering is the calcareous complex of 'su casteddu ‘e Jeni', so called because of the disposition of its needles and its sharp projections. The people fond of trekking and of birdwatching will discover the beauties of nature hiding in the woods of Takigeddu, sa Pranedda, Taccu Mannu; in the last one the golden eagle has gone back to nest. In the naturalistic oasis of Montarbu of Seui many springs gush, among which the most known is Niala; this is one of the stops of the famous 'train in the wilderness', the only railway line in the world with a shorter gauge. During its adventurous journey in the mountains, it even crosses an old iron bridge built around the XIXth century.

The local product par excellence is the apple with red cheeks, 'a tremp’orrubia', which ages ago appeared on the tables of the royal house of Savoy. But the main nourishment is bread: su coccoi e su pani biancu are baked on special occasions like weddings or baptisms, while su civargiu or moddizzosu is kneaded with potatoes so that it can keep longer.

Municipality: 0782 55710
Tourist information: 0782 55705
Pharmacy: 0782 55765
Police: 0782 55722

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Sapori d'Ogliastra
Sapori d'Ogliastra
Sapori d'Ogliastra
Sapori d'Ogliastra
Sapori d'Ogliastra
Sapori d'Ogliastra
Sapori d'Ogliastra