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Arbatax - Rocce rosse Tertenia - Coccorrocci Cala GoloritzŤ Transumanza Ciottoli Osini - Nuraghe Sanu Capra al mare Arbatax - La spiaggia Santa Maria Navarrese Scogliere nel comune di Baunei L'aguglia di Cala GoloritzŤ Ulassai e i suoi tacchi Ussassai - Su Casteddu Trasparenze Gairo - Perda Liana

The boats to the stunning Bay of Orosei sail every summer day from the harbour of Arbatax and from the small harbour of Santa Maria Navarrese, where the Supramonte begins, a calcareous agglomerate eroded during millions of years by the waves and by the wind.

After few minutes of voyage you will start enjoying a real spectacle offered by the nature of this tract of coast: the block of Pedra Longa, a 128 metres pinnacle, large at the base and thin at the top, rises directly from the sea. Further on Capo di Monte Santo appears, which hides three wonderful small coves, Porto Iltiera, Porto Cuau and Porto Pedrosu; it is possible to land on the last as at the end of the small fiord you will find a charming stretch of pebbles.

The beginning of the Bay of Orosei is marked by the lovely Cala Goloritzè (reachable only by the Golgo plateau or by private means) and, after that, the wonderful Cala Mariolu materializes in front of you: a place that is sheer paradise, where the grey of the cliffs dropping straight into water contrasts with the turquoise of the sea and the white of the rocks, where people who like snorkelling or diving will find multicoloured fish. You will never forget the limpidity of the sea, due to a shoal composed of very thin sand and polished pebbles.

Further on the Bue Marino coast ( 'bue marino' means 'dugong') begins, so called because years ago the dugongs used to live there; but, as soon as the crags turn into a thick wood of holm-oaks, Biriola appears, a small cove with red and unreachable cliffs. Then, preceeded by very high vertical cliffs rising from the sea for 600 metres and more, over which Serra Ovara plateau extends, Sisine appears with its wide clearing of white pebbles.
The last stage of the most beautiful and wild coast in Italy is Cala Luna, a stretch of fine sand and crystal-clear sea.

In just one day you will enjoy a unique voyage that you will remember forever.

Meteo live
Saturday 28
S.E. Wind
m.15°- M.16°
Sunday 29
North Wind
m.14°- M.17°

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Sapori d'Ogliastra
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Sapori d'Ogliastra
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