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The accomplishment of a marina has increased the influx of yachtsmen, so the town has been specializing more and more in tourist facilities. The architectural development of new constructions for holidaymakers has tried to reintroduce the classic Sardinian style: coverings with local stones and Sardinian tiles have been used, while the landscape has been enriched by many Mediterranean plants.  

The shore of Tortolì is one of the most beautiful in the whole Sardinia. Here the red shade of the porphyds and the grey of the calcareous reefs of Mount Santo dominate the coast. This one alternates small coves with beaches, among which Orrì, a stretch of superfine white sand and crystal-clear water, and Portu Frailis stand out. The red colour reappears also in the harbour of Arbatax, where the famous red rocks ('rocce rosse') rise out of the sea.

As Tortolì is a fishing small town, you can taste here very fresh fish: 'su ziminu', a fish soup made with shellfish and mussels in a spicy sauce, 'sa buttariga', the botargo (dried eggs of mullet), 'sa burrida', cold ray pickled in minced nuts, chicken livers, vinegar, parsley, pepper, 's’aligusta', lobster served with a sauce made with the entrails of the crustacean, 'sa craba marina', the spider crab, 's’ambidda cassola', stewed eels.

Municipality: 0782 600700
Pharmacy: 0782 667780 (Arbatax); 0782 623030
Tourist information: 0782 622824/667690
Police: 0782 623022

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